Design and Molds Realization

Aerospace & Defense

Date: 28-30 November 2023
City: Torino
Where: Oval Lingotto

Fabbriche Aperte Piemonte

Euro Stamp 1 s.r.l. has been working since year 2000 in the engineering sector; we produce prototypes, molds for aluminum and sheet metal, metal sheets parts; we form and curve pipes too and more detailed:

• Prototypes made of sheet steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum
• Medium-size block or progressive molds
• Cold sheet metal stamping with mechanical presses up to 800 tons and hydraulic press up to 1.000 tons
• Cold coining until a thickness to 12 mm with our press up to 800 tons
• Welding: MIG with continuous wire; TIG; Projection with fixed welders and hanging welding machine
• We can work steel and aluminum pipes until 70 mm as external diameter using numerical control bending machines and also with our presses
• Bending with numerically controlled bending press.

We got the following certifications:
- IATF 16949 for automative sector
- ISO 9001

Furthermore we apply our rules regarding the privacy data in accordance with V.D.A. standard.

We are partners in an agreement between companies to offer a complete and different range of products to the customers; Euro Stamp 1 s.r.l. is the Organ of Governance.

Since 2015 we have made improvements in our IT sector and now we have an up to date operative software E.R.P. which permits us to be connected with our customers and suppliers and to reach a better and more controlled way of working.

Thanks to our continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of processes we are considered TIER 1 from companies which are working in the automotive and earth-moving machinery sector. Furthermore our company has been chosen from aerospace and automatic solution manufactures.

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in metal, cold realized.

Design and molds realization

Progressive, block, transfer dies for the cold molding of metal parts.


Sheet metal parts made by cold molding in accordance with customers’ needs.

Metrological Laboratory

Measurements and checks are made using an automatic 3D measuring machine (SURFER EVO and METROLOG software both with statistical processing), a manual 3D measuring machine for tracking and a camera control system.

EURO STAMP 1 s.r.l.

Via Raspini, 15 - 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)


The application of a Quality Management System according to the requirements of IATF 16949 ISO 9001 and ISO 9100 rules, is an essential and strategic instrument to achieve our primary target which is the satisfaction of all the expectations of the customers.